Tree Killing Pests

This year we have seen many trees recede and die from a few Pests.

The Emerald Ash Borer has plagued large Ash trees in this region for more than a decade. However this year seems to be the worst yet. HOAs are particularly beset with this, as they have inherited stands of mature trees. There is no practical treatment for very large trees. Removal should not be put off in many cases, as the timber will quickly become very brittle.

Honey Locusts are popular neighborhood street trees. The mimosa webworm has ravaged this species from late summer on. The hardest hit will not recover, and should be removed. Many, however, will recover by next year if the webworm does not return with the same veracity.

Spruce trees are suffering from rust fungus throughout the region. Trimming, treatment, and other maintenance can help many of these to recover.

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